So Tim, what do you do?

I help organizations deal with change and improve team dynamics by providing amusing and humorous insights into the way people think. I talk about why we make assumptions and how that can interfere with our ability to make good decisions during times of change, leading teams, or handling transitions.

 Interesting. Probably a lot of people have that problem.

 Yes, they do.

Ok, so how do you solve that?

After we have some good laughs about why we think the way we do, then I provide a process for how to reframe your thinking so you can make *better* decisions…or at least not make careless ones. Better thinking leads to better choices, which leads to successful results.

What are your topic areas?

Specific topics are Change, Leadership, Teamwork, Sales, and Communication. The keynotes are also good for any group needing a general, lighthearted and unifying message.

 What kinds groups do you speak to?

Anyone in a corporate or association audience who is in leadership, management, sales, or going through organizational change.

 Are you a content speaker or an entertainer?

 A little of both. I walk the fine line between corporate expert and comic relief.

Your site says you have a corporate background, specifically in HR, can you expand on that?

 Yes, I worked as in HR for 8 years during my 17-year corporate career. I was a specialist in interviewing and behavioral assessments. So I learned a lot about the way people think…or in some cases, when they are *not*  thinking…like when somebody starts eating a sandwich during their job interview (true story).

What are your fees?

I understand why you ask. And the reason you won’t find it here is because I prefer to have that conversation with serious inquiries only. I will say that I am in the range of most professional speakers you will find on the web and/or on speakers bureau sites.

 Do you interact with the audience?

 Yes, in fact I have a couple of audience segments where I demonstrate with audience members how we can be tricked by our own assumptions and our own way of thinking. Our perceptions are not always reality.

Ready to learn more?

Visit the contact page to see if Tim has your date available.