(…to frequently asked questions.)

Choosing a speaker is an important decision. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to decide on your next keynote speaker.

“Why should we hire Tim O’Shea to speak at our event?”

Answer: You shouldn’t.

I’m serious. You shouldn’t just hire me versus another speaker, or choose me over someone else.

Now why would I say something like that? Especially when the purpose here is to promote me and my keynote programs?

Because your meeting, conference, or convention is important.

You should hire whomever is right for your group.

Whether it’s me or another speaker, you should always get whomever is going to appropriately address the topic areas, concerns, or message you want to get across.

So if you think Tony Robbins can effectively accomplish what you want, great. Hire him. I fully support that. (He also costs at least $100,000 by the way, and that’s just a conservative guess.)

Whomever you hire, you want to make sure they have the right message and the right angle for your particular group. Also, you want to avoid getting burned.

“What is your fee? How much do you cost?”

Answer: It’s either a lot, or not very much. It depends on your perspective! 

I understand your budget is important to you. That’s why we need to talk first. I want to have a conversation to find out what’s important to you. Every group is different.

I will say one thing: if this is the sole basis for your decision on who you hire as a keynote speaker, you are doing it backwards. I’ve seen this happen before…and it’s a huge mistake. You will regret it. Decide who and/or what type of speaker you want first, then you can work out the dollars.

I’m in the typical range of speakers in my category. Call me or email me to find out more.

Cracking the Code

What differentiates Tim O’Shea from other speakers?

In addition to being a full-time keynote speaker for over a decade, I have a background as a corporate professional in organizational psychology, conducting interviews and structured behavioral assessments for the HR departments of several organizations. My familiarity with workplace environments–having been in them myself–is what makes me different. I have sat in the same cubicles and desk chairs as the people in the audiences to whom I speak.

I also walk my talk as The Agent Of Change. I have received training and certifications in tactics widely used by intelligence and law enforcement professionals in human behavioral dynamics. I bring these modalities to the areas of corporate and business management, as they apply to our everyday interpersonal interactions.

More questions?

Let’s talk! I’m eager to speak with you. Give me a call at 303-371-2849 or send me an email!