“Top Secrets Revealed: The Funny Way We Think”

Get past the assumptions you make which stop you from succeeding!

Ideal for: Opening conference keynote, a mid-day after-lunch booster, or closing program at end of day.

Why do smart people do foolish things? Why do we make snap judgments about someone before getting to know them? Why do we instantly think we are in trouble when we hear the words “The boss wants to see you in his office right away!”?

This, and many other questions, are answered in this entertaining program about common—and often hilarious—assumptions people make, and how doing so can sometimes cause us to make not-so-smart decisions. It’s this kind of “rush to judgment” mindset that makes you fall for those late-night infomercials that get you to buy a blanket with sleeves, a beer mug you wear on your head, or exercise devices that don’t require doing any exercise.

With an entertaining style and good-natured humor, Tim O’Shea provides key insights into how to avoid making assumptions so you can make smarter decisions, better choices, and have more successful outcomes. In this program you will learn:

  • Why smart people make not-so-smart decisions
  • Why we make assumptions and how to avoid them
  • A practical process for managing thoughts and emotions when going through change
  • And having a sense of humor helps!

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