“Lead Another Day: Keys To Effective Leadership”

Effective ways to communicate with team members to decrease conflict and increase success.

Ideal for: Sales groups, Leadership conferences, Managers, Multi-generational workplaces, and any area involving leading and working with other human beings.

How do we resolve conflict? How do we handle teams? What are the most effective qualities of a good leader?

When leading teams, we not only respond to situations in certain ways, we have to adapt our style based on who we are speaking to in that moment. The intelligence officers I trained with call this “ideational fluency,” a necessary component to be an effective leader.

Sometimes the dynamic of leading people and handling challenges is stressful; other times, it’s not-so-bad. Whatever the case, we all need tools in place to handle our thoughts and emotional reactions when challenges comes up. 

Combining techniques from business management and training he received from law enforcement and the intelligence community, Tim O’Shea addresses the human component and emotional dynamics of leadership. Tim discusses what happens when we are suddenly faced with uncertainty, why we respond to people and situations the way we do, and a practical process for navigating and being aware of our emotions to approach interactions with more ease and achieve successful outcomes.

Key features:

  • Learn the characteristics of the most effective leadership styles
  • The most common mistakes leaders make, and how to avoid them
  • Learn effective communication techniques to create productive and high-morale teams.
  • And having a sense of humor helps!

Whether you are hiring new employees, building relationships, or leading projects, this program will get you to reframe your perspective so you can respond proactively, communicate better, and have more successful outcomes for your bottom line.

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