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“Overcoming Resistance To Change”

How to cope with change more effectively during times of transition.

Ideal for: Groups going through organizational changes or transitions who want a lighthearted message about looking at change in a new way. 

Why do we resist change? Why do we immediately assume the worst has happened? Why do we want to fall on the floor and cry like a toddler whenever something is different?

This, and many other questions, will be answered in this entertaining program about common reactions people have when faced with change, and how that can sometimes lead us into making not-so-smart decisions.

With an entertaining style and good-natured humor, Tim O’Shea draws from his background in organizational psychology and human behavior to provide key insights into dealing with change:

  • Why we respond to change the way we do
  • Why we make assumptions and how to avoid them
  • A practical process for managing emotions during times of uncertainty
  • And having a sense of humor helps!

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