Helping your organization thrive during change.

About Tim O’Shea

“The Agent of Change”

What do you get when you combine a former corporate professional with a background in organizational psychology, an experienced keynote speaker who has appeared before thousands of audiences, and a human behavior specialist who has trained with US Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Intelligence Operatives?

You get O’Shea…Tim O’Shea. “The Agent of Change.”

Tim shows leaders, managers, and teams how to think strategically and effectively handle workplace dynamics by helping people avoid the negative impact our thinking and communication habits can have on success. He motivates leaders to see new perspectives, inspires teams to support each other, gets people laughing about their everyday workplace situations, and helps organizations thrive during change.

Tim O’Shea spent 17 years in the corporate sector working in sales, management and HR before becoming a full-time professional keynote speakerHis entertaining style and good-natured humor has earned him multiple awards. He speaks to corporate and association audiences internationally. During his corporate career, he was laid-off 4 times, survived 6 different mergers, and held 11 different job titles. This is why he works for himself now.

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