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Tim O'shea:
Keynote speaker

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O'Shea. Tim O'Shea.

"The Agent of Change."

The Only Change Speaker with a License To Thrill!

Hi! I'm Tim O’Shea, and I explain people's behavior for a living.

With a humorous flair and an element of entertainment, I speak at meetings and conferences about ethical leadership, teamwork, and of course...dealing with change.

As The Agent Of Change, I combine my background in corporate and organizational psychology with training I've gotten from professionals in law enforcement and national security agencies.

This unique combination of backgrounds is extremely effective in helping people in organizations understand their own behaviors, why we have certain reactions to change, and how to overcome our natural tendency to resist it.

For more about me, or if you want to meet my corgi dog Buster, click here!

Got change? You need an Agent! Reach out to me for your next conference or meeting. I am at your service. Thanks for visiting my site!

“You were phenomenal and the closing remarks was verification of it. Each CEO is asked to come up and present lessons learned from the day, and all of them referenced your session. They each had a takeaway from your piece that they would like to implement at their division. Tying it with our internal process was highly appreciated by our VP of HR.”

– HCA Healthcare