March 25, 2017

Welcome to the Official Tim O’Shea Website!

Welcome! This is the official website for humorist, speaker, science promoter and vaccine advocate Tim O’Shea.

On this site, you will find articles and videos written and performed by Tim O’Shea, as well as a healthy amount of smart remarks. Science and sarcasm combined.

About this site:

This is a pro-science and anti-pseudoscience website. I speak on both, and I have a lot to say about both.

A Couple of Sarcastic Skeptics Stay at an “Organic” Hotel

Also featuring The Sarcaz-o-meter! 

Each section has a “Sarcaz-o-meter” rating, providing a preview of the level of sarcasm contained in a page or post.

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My mission and philosophy:

My goal is to increase and improve science literacy and critical thinking skills in the general public. I do this in two ways:

  1. I speak and write about things in science that are fun and interesting. I try to keep it educational and as well as entertaining.
  2. I also call attention to things that are NOT scientific, but have the appearance of being science. These are things like consumer frauds, bogus products and services, urban legends, popular myths, and useless medical schemes. Why? Well, call me nutty, but I don’t want you to get ripped off.
I do not use foul language anywhere on this site!*

Many science communicators out there have adopted a style of peppering their language with curse words in their interactions with the public. And I get that. Because scientific topics often put people on the defensive, so they want their audience to feel like they are hanging out at a bar talking with a friend. And they also do it because it helps them to be funny. And they’re not wrong. It does work.

However, that’s just not my style. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with swearing or cursing. I do it in my personal life all the time. But as a professional, I do not feel it is appropriate. Using profanity turns a lot of people off, regardless of how good or well-intended the message is. And in doing so, you are alienating a significant portion of your audience. I feel that science communicators who do this are actually doing themselves and the community a disservice, as they are actually limiting their potential to reach a broader audience, and, ironically, stagnating the progress of the very thing they are trying to advance: the public understanding of science.

*I will say there is one, very very small exception…but you’ll have to find it. 🙂


A lot of what I also talk about on this site is “skepticism,” another one of my passions. The simple definition of skepticism: using science and reason to verify the validity of any and all claims.

My column A Skeptic’s View features articles and posts in which I talk about various entities and general malarkey you see on the internet, and points of view I have arrived at from my years of engaging in critical thinking.

In closing and in conclusion…

Allow me to introduce myself via this video. Enjoy.

Introducing the Cooler, Slicker, Pro Vaccine Tim O’Shea



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